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ABF Crack Down on Aluminium Dumping

The Anti-Dumping Commission and the Australian Border Force (ABF) have been managing an ongoing investigation to identify any anti-dumping circumvention activity.

A recent ABF News Release reports that ABF has issued duty demands of more than $15 million to combat duty evasion on aluminium from China. The ABF recently announced these results, as part of their ongoing two-year investigation into the dumping of aluminium extrusions, mostly used to mount solar panels, in the Australian marketplace.

Dumping occurs when an exporter sells goods to Australia at a price that is below the normal value of the goods and undercutting Australian providers.

ABF officers have recently executed warrants on four solar entities across Sydney and Brisbane, and have issued the duty demands in response to that.

“Customs and trade enforcement are key priorities for the Australian Border Force, and we work closely with our national and international counterparts. This investigation aims to detect and deter the dumping of aluminium extrusions into the Australian market, undercutting Australian providers,” Assistant Commissioner Dale said.

“As a result of this ongoing operation, more than 60 containers have been examined resulting in more than two million dollars of revenue collected. Multiple companies that were deliberately created to deceive the ABF have also been shut down and several visas have been referred for cancellation.

“This investigation is very much live and ongoing – and we would like to send a strong message to those attempting to smuggle these items into Australia while avoiding duty. The ABF is aware of these attempts and is working very hard with industry and partner agencies to combat them. When you are caught, you will face the full force of the law,” Assistant Commissioner Dale said.

ABF send a strong message to those attempting to smuggle these items into Australia while avoiding duty. ABF say they are committed to protecting Australian businesses by ensuring the integrity of duty measures are not undermined by dumping activity.

If you have any questions in regards to Dumping duties, please contact C&M Customs & Forwarding to speak with one of our professionals.

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