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Quarantine Clearance

Quarantine Clearance Services

In Australia, The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (Quarantine) are responsible for managing Australia’s imported and exported goods to assure that they meet Australian and Foreign Government laws and regulations. Australia has strict quarantine laws to protect its flora and fauna, among other biosecurity threats, which can make importing goods to our country a little more complicated than you’d suspect.

Experience and Knowledge

At C&M Customs & Forwarding, we have the experience and in-depth knowledge of quarantine related matters to ensure that your goods are completely compliant under the Legislative Acts, to safely avoid lengthy delays and heavy penalties associated with non-compliant goods. We take the stress and worry out of the quarantine clearance process by handling all the formalities for you.

Expert Advice

We will provide expert advice on any relevant quarantine permits or pre-treatment conditions that may apply to your shipment. We also provide advice on the correct packing declarations and ensure treatment certificates are received in a timely matter to allow for inspections or treatments if required. We will handle the collection and preparation of documentation, calculate payments and facilitate all correspondence between you and relevant government authorities. Our expert Custom Brokers are fully licensed and DAWR/ Biosecurity accredited and are re-accredited every year to maintain a high level of expertise in the handling and clearance of cargo.

Quarantine Clearance Services include:

  • Expert advice on consignments that are subject to quarantine conditions
  • Processing Quarantine documentation
  • Organising Quarantine inspections
  • Lodging import permits
  • Assessment of import and export goods

Saving You Time and Money

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